Do-It-Yourself Bathing

Groomer Has It… also offers the unique service of Do-It-Yourself Bathing.  For those brave souls who want to bathe their own dog but need a convenient place to do it.  Now you don’t have to make a mess in your own tub at home or bathe your dog with freezing cold water from the garden hose.

Groomer Has It provides everything you need to give your dog a relaxing bath indoors.  Our Do-It-Yourself bathing booth features our Hydrosurge Bathing system.  The shampoo comes right out of the nozzel and is perfectly proportioned for your dog’s skin and coat.  It is a no-scrub technology, and allows oxygen to penetrate down to the skin promoting healing and producing the ultimate clean and shine, all while providing your dog with a comfortable massage.

Our tub has a step-up ramp for larger breeds, or if you prefer, you can bathe your dog on the floor.

Our Do-It-Yourself bathing booth is by walk-in appointment only, costs $15 for any breed, and we provide:

  • tub
  • water
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • towels
  • blow dryer
  • ear cleaner
  • tearless face shampoo
  • brushes
  • apron


Note:  If you bring your dog in to bath-it-yourself, you will probably get wet (you are bathing a dog after all, and dogs like to shake!) so we recommend that you wear something with that thought in mind 🙂